Hire Yachts & Cruises in Goa, Mumbai

You haven’t experienced the elements of a good life if you haven’t been on the mighty cruise. Often used to be labelled in the past as an expensive holiday for the wealthy, a cruise in present times is affordable and grants the extravagance of another level –
When you rent a cruise or a boat for a Yacht party in Goa, you get access to the vessel for the tenure of the voyage, picking routes, dining ingredients, and fun sports too. We will help you to plan every phase of your trip, from the program and onboard dance to extraordinary dining requirements, all is taken care.

Wedding photography, pre, and post event on the yacht in Goa at reasonable price rates are available here. Planning marriage ceremonies just got better with the implementation of the romantic idea of sailing in it. One can stay after sunset and spend the night in it, exploring the infinite heights of the sky, gazing at the shades of water in Goa.

The 66 Majesty Yachts In Goa with 4-cabins in it, the size of this beautiful boat is around 66ft, well equipped with A.C. Majesty as the name suggests has a gorgeous, royal vibe present in and around the yacht perfectly decorated, the vast, generous lounge provides facilities for both corporates or social activities.

Bay Liner 340 consists of 3 cabins and the structure are roughly around 55ft. Bay- liner 340 is remarkably capacious and broad with the antiskid flooring. The ample space makes it easy for crew and guests. The fibre glassed radar arc along with the open cabin makes it the queen. The simple amenities present in it make the trip more pleasant and completely hassle-free.

Cruise party in Goa in Woof-Woof, which is around 53ft in size. Woof-Woof is a handmade timber vessel which you can book. Here you can have an enchanting day with your children, family or colleagues.

Hire yachts in Goa and experience the best of nature and make sure that your visitors are having a wonderful time. Sea ray 330 stands high with its specialities of the well-furnished and luxurious cruising, the boat –manufacturers are highly involved in upscaling and adding of new privileges to the cruiser. Amongst all the cabin cruisers, sea ray 330 comes with a very intelligent instilled amenity and architecture.

A cruise is all about exploring life with a touch of nature, the happy holiday is utterly essential.

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