J24 Luxury Yachts in Mumbai

  • Type – Sailboat
  • Base – Mumbai
  • Number of Cabins – 1
  • Maximum Capacity – 24
  • Air Conditioning – N/A
  • Guest day Cruising – 4
  • Guest Sleeping on – 4
  • Cruising Speed – 6
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J 24 is featured as “One design Keel boat” –as defined by the International Sailing federation (ISAF). It started from 1975, when one man desired to design the most competitive racing boat which is also capacitated to accumulate family on board and now the company has created the most popular keel boat around the world. It has been selected by ISAF for many championships like – Nation’s cup ,Women’s world Match Racing Championship, The Rolex Woman’s International Keel boat Championship and U.S. Sailing’s St. Francis International Master’s Championship (aged 55+). Every year almost more than 50,000 people are sailing 5,480 boats in 110 countries existing in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China, India and South Africa. Among the features of J 24, the traits are the sailing style, comfort, flush decks with unparalleled lounging and sunbathing.

It is easy to sail for even novice sailors and the speedster kicks up in even the slightest breeze. On the other hands, the “weekender” cabin provides shelter from the weather and has ample room for gear or picnic. The safety feature includes complete lifelines, 5 HP outdoor motor.

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