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Cheerleaders for Events

Cheerleading occasion went to the modern dance culture from America where at first cheerleading was represented by a team of young girls dressed in a uniform of a team it supported during the match. Nowadays cheerleading became much more than just a team support dance entertainment.

We are happy to provide you with its teams of professional cheerleaders for events who with their beauty, charm, talent and amazing plastics and flexibility will turn any event into impressive, intriguing and mind-blowing performance.

Our cheerleader dancers always combine their performances with the quite complicated acrobatic exercises, professional choreography, gracefulness and lively music compositions. This unique combination of cheerleading and dancing plastics allows to create successful shows for different events which shall be much interesting to everyone.

Besides, in addition to the great talent and beauty, our cheerleader dances for hire in Goa also know how to turn on the audience, how to support its interest for the show and how to make everyone among the show-goers to feel himself a special one.

We provide individual show-program for each separate event depending on its type and scale, Involvement of additional accessories during cheerleading (poms, balls, gymnastic ribbons and even flags), always memorable, unforgettable spectacular, fascinating and eye-popping shows.

Our cheerleading dance program consist of Cheer dance, group stand, partner’s stand, pyramids, different complicated types of support, acrobatic exercise.
Mix of various modern dances

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